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How to get and use Charms | Diablo Immortal

Charm (Charm) is an item that can be equipped to increase a character's skill rank in Diablo Immortal. Read on to learn what Charms are, how to get and use them, and the best way to upgrade Charms in the game.

What is a talisman?

Charms are items that can be equipped to skill rank increase of character. They offer one to five unique skill rating bonuses for all classes, the increased attributes given by enchantments all appear randomly when you own the enchantment, and you can also change Change those properties as you like.

Charms take their own item place and You can only equip one item at a time. DRAWSo, to get the most out of the Charm, all the skills brought by the Charm must be applied to your character.

Is the talisman worth it?

| Charms have no value when…

Unless receiving an attribute bonus that matches your character, the Charm will void.

Since the five skill rank bonuses are random and apply to all character classes, that means the skill rank bonus for your class is not always guaranteed because every property appears random.

There are many ways to get the most out of Charms including upgrading, extracting and impregnating them with the help of the Charms Craftsman to ensure all skill rating bonuses will apply to your character.

Charms can also be sold and traded in the Market, if the player encounters an unwanted Charm.

| Recommended for higher level

Although you can level up skills by leveling up your character, leveling up takes a lot of time, especially reaching level 40 onwards.

Therefore, you should consider use Charms to bypass the slow EXP gain at higher levels and still get the skill rating bonus.

How to use Charms

| Upgrading and resolving Charms

Skill rank rewards are increased by upgrading Charms. To upgrade Charms by rank, you will need to give the Charms Craftsman 20 Alchemy Powder per rank.

The base rank of the Charm is one, so to reach its maximum rank you will need a total 80 Powder Alchemy to maximize skill level bonus points.

Charm Dissolution
Charms (Rank 1)

10 Powder Alchemy
Charms (Rank 5)

50 Powder Alchemy


You can get Alchemy Powder by Dissolution Amulet. Breaking a base Rank Charm will reward you with 10 Alchemy Powders, and every time you increase your rank you get another 10.

| Extract Charms to change attributes

With costs 500 Platinum, the player can turn unwanted Charms into Skill Stones through extracting, which you can then use to change the properties again on other Charms.

Once a buff has been converted to a Skill Stone, one of five attribute rewards skills in that Charm can be transferred to another Charm through the Imbue function.

| Imbue Charm by using Skill Stone

Imbued concerning the instead of, replace a single skill rating bonus from a Charm equal to one of the five Skill Stone attribute bonuses.

While the player can choose which skill bonus will be replaced from the Charm, the player no control which of the five skills will be transferred to it from the Skill Stone.

Therefore, if you have a specific skill bonus that you want to own on the Charm, you will only have 20% chance get there through Imbue.

How to get Charms

| Get Charms from Bounty Board

Sometimes you can get a bonus as a Charm when Complete Bounties.

You Candlestick check and complete Bounties wherever you are, to reap any well-deserved rewards!

| Buy from trader Hilts

You can buy enchantments from Hilts Trader in the Limited Time tab for 100 Hilts .

Hence for a Limited Time, players can only buy a certain amount of Charms before waiting for it to refresh and be available again.

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