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Bonuses (Bounties) is a side quest that the player can get from the Bounty Board in Diablo Immortal. Read on to see a list of all Bonuses, how to unlock and complete each Bonus, where they are located, and the rewards they give you.


Bonus Bounties

Complete the Bounty, then return to the Bounty Board in Westmarch to get the reward XP, Gold , and a random piece of equipmentelYou will also receive 8 Battle Points for each completed Bonus.

| Earn rewards by defeating many monsters

Monster Killing is the name of the game when it comes to Bonuses. Each Bounty will be delivered to you quest to beat a number certain enemies or specific types of enemies in a particular area, represented by a large yellow circle on the map. Clear the area, then return to the Bounty Board in Westmarch to claim your reward.

You will know you are in the right area to complete the Bounties as the target monsters will start appearing as red dots on the map.

Look out for Bonuses with an orange border, as these will give you rewards 1 or 2 times normal rewards.

How to Unlock and Complete Bounties

To be able to start receiving Bounties and earn rewards, you need to complete first Charsi's guide in the Palace Courtyard of WestmarchThen go to the Bounty Board and talk to Derek the Bounty Quartermaster, who will reward you every time you successfully complete a Bounty. For every 4 Bounties completed, he will also reward you with a chest containing more Gold.

| Perform 4 Bounties at the same time

Now go to Bounty Board to get your first Bonus. You can make up to 4 Bonuses at once , and see their progress by looking in the Bonus menu.

| Complete 8 Bounties per day

Maximum amount of New Bonus you can get in one day is 8. So if you are performing well, you will only have to make two trips back to the Bounty Table.

However, the bonus will roll over to the next day, so if you can't finish 8 in one day, don't worry. You can keep a backlog up to 24 Bonuses, but this will reset every Monday.

| Reroll the bonus you didn't want

If you do not want to make Bounty received, just click the refresh arrow in the top right corner on the Bounty Board to replace it with another board. This can be done 3 times per day, so try to sign up for the Bonus in the same area to cut down on travel time.

List of Bounties

Move to an area
Westmarch Ashwold Cemetery Forest of Darkness
Sea of ​​Shassar Library Zoltun Kulle Bilefen
Mount Zavain Frozen Tundra worthham
Realm of Damnation


| Bounties Cemetery Ashwold

Bonus Target
Remove cobwebs Kill Spiders in Ashwold Cemetery (50)
Protect the gardens Kill the monster in the east garden
Disturbing the rest of them Search in Ossuary; Kill the disturbed zombies
Hidden in the grass Kill monsters along the suburbs
Ashwold Thép Steel Kill the Skeletal warriors to collect the Ashwold Steel
Honor the captain Kill the Royal Guards to Collect Royal Armor (10)

Set Royal Armor to Summon and Kill Captain Wentworth (1)


| Shadow forest bounties

Bonus Target
Birds of prey Killing a Broken Mauler (1)

Kill the Giant Vulture (1)

Blood Sword Sign Kill Bloodsword Rogues to collect Bloodsworn Insignia (15)
Into the swamp Kill the Bog Creature (60)
Bloody Crusade TBA
Howling at night Kill Night Howlers
Protect Blackstone TBA
Paralyze the pain Kill Toxic Lurker to collect Paralyzing Venom (15)
Pack Kill Wolves (40)
Quill . Collection Kill Quill Rats to collect Black Quills (15)


| Bounties on the Sea of ​​Shassar

Bonus Target
Desert Bandit Kill the Sand Scorpion Bandit (20)
Weapons of War Kill the deceiver to collect the broken poles (20)
Beneath the sand Investigate the sands

Kill lurking desert crawlers (10)

Seller's Debt Collect seller documents (8)
Lacuni Fur Kill Lacuni to collect Lacuni Fur
Verithas the False Collect Demon Meat to Summon and Kill False Verithas
Desert Crawler Killing desert crawler
Stolen goods Kill the Sand Scorpion bandits to collect stolen goods
Dune Wolves Kill the wolf Dune
Yellow skin Kill Dune Wolf to collect Golden Skin (15)
Quills . Razor Kill Razor Spines to collect Razor Quills (10)
King of Smuggling Kill the Sand Scorpion robber to collect smuggler's stuff (1)

Kill Leodias the Smuggler (1)


| Bounties at the Zoltun Kulle library

Bonus Target
Core change Kill Quicksand Golem to collect teleport cores
Protect the Library Slay monsters in the Zoltun Kulle Library
The Altar of Hunger Investigate the Altar of Hunger
Hunting robbers Find the hidden Sand Scorpion bandit; Kill them
Meat Corrosion Kill Undone Bilespwers to collect demon corpses (15)
Remnants of the past Kill the reincarnated Horadric mages to collect soul sand (30)


| Bounties Bilefen

Bonus Target
Living nightmares Kill monsters in honey (60)
Dust to Dust Kill Undead Monsters (60)
Crimsonblade Haven Killing the Crimsonblade Pirates (50)


| Bounties mountain Zavain

Bonus Target
The Khazra Threat Kill Khazra in Moon Clan Encampment
Graveyard Soldiers Defeat Zakarum Oathbreakers
Easter Monks Defeat the Easter Monks
Khazra on Zavain Find Khazra waiting in Ambush; Remove them
The beasts of the misty plains Kill the Varanids
zealots Locate the believers hiding on Mount Zavain; Remove them
Royal Guard Kill the Royal Guard
Nightmare in the Valley of Mist Kill the monster in the Valley of Mist


| Mission Frozen Tundra

Bonus Target
Reclaim the village Defeat warped invaders in the abandoned village
Pursuit of victory Find where the Ice Tribe is lying in wait for ambush; Eliminate the Ice Tribe ambushes
Crisis in the frozen region Find Frost Horrors located in Ambush; Remove them
Twisting threat Kill Cragworms


| Wortham Quest

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Realm of Damnation Quest

Bonus Objective
Leather Infernal Collect Sinewy Wings from Ashen Servitors (30)

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