Main quest list | Diablo Immortal

Player assigned Main Quest to develop the storyline and unlock new features in Diablo Immortal. Read on to learn how to complete each of the Main Quests, as well as tips on how to develop the main plot of this exciting game.


Main quest list

Move to an area
Westmarch Ashwold Cemetery Forest of Darkness
Sea of ​​Shassar Library Zoltun Kulle Bilefen
Mount Zavain Frozen Tundra worthham
Realm of Damnation


| Westmarch's Quest

The main task
1 City of Lights
2 Legend of Eld
3 Brave the Rift
4 Overseas Bonus
5 Rough diamond
6 Supply the pieces
7 Walk through Westmarch
8 Rift of the Elders
9 Instruments of Trade
10 Trade at the market
11 Trader Hilts
12 Answer in the East
13 Captain's Needs
14 Arriving at the pier
15 Docks of Westmarch
16 A new challenge


| Ashwold Cemetery Quest

The main task
1 The dead come back to life
2 Exiled apprentice
3 Consult the Guardians
4 Maid
5 Queen's Tomb
6 Enter the Ashwold Manor
7 Master of death
8 Battle for Fragments


| Shadow Forest Quest

The main task
1 To the dark forest
2 Blackstone Village
3 Lucian's Hope
4 Density of blood
5 The Horadric Bestiary
6 Collect reagents
7 Between two evils
8 Inifuss tree
9 Blood Resurrection


| Shassar . Sea Mission

The main task
1 Fire sea
2 A trail in the sand
3 Amber Tongue
4 Lake's Roar
5 Price of loyal customers
6 Fragment of Wisdom
7 Fahir's Legacy
8 The Last Fragment
9 Reveal the way


| Quest at the Zoltun Kulle Library

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Bilefen's Quest

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Zavain Mountain Quest

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Mission Frozen Tundra

The main task
1 To the frozen tundra
2 Cold pursuit
3 Through the ruins
4 Iceburn Tear
5 Those who came first
6 Killer's Blessing
7 Kingdom of the Dead


| Wortham Quest

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Realm of Damnation Quest

The main task
1 Go to the forest
2 Lightly detained
3 Pest corpses
4 Engraved in blood
5 Darkness of the Imperial Citadel
6 Specialized corps
7 In the fire
8 Last lieutenant
9 Lord of the Damned

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