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Gems aka Gems, they are essential for character building in Diablo Immortal. Refer to the following article to learn about gems, the difference between normal gems and legendary gems. And much more useful information!

What are gems?

Gemstone It's an integral part of character building. There are 2 types of gems, normal and legendary. Normal gems will increase the character's attributes such as health, resistance, armor penetration, etc.

Legendary Gems are powerful items that increase the basic properties of other items as well as they will bring their own unique effects. These effects can range from increased damage dealt to counter effects and more.

Normal Gems List

Gem Name Effect


+ 8 Armor


+ 8 effects
Ruby + 80 Lives


+ 8 armor piercing abilities
Topaz + 8 resistance
tourmaline + 8 Damage


Normal Gems List

List of legendary gems

| List of 1 star legendary gems

All 1 star legendary gems

Berserker's Eye

Ca'arsen's Invigoration

Chained Death Defiant Soul
Everlasting Torment Freedom and Devotion Mocking Laughter Nightmare Wreath

Pain of Subjugation

Respite Stone Seled's Weakening The Black Rose
Trickshot Gem

Zod Stone

| List of 2 star legendary gems

All 2 star legendary gems
Battleguard Bloody Reach Cutthroat's Grin Follower's Burden
Lightning Core Power & Command The Hunger Unity Crystal

| List of 5 star legendary gems

All 5 star legendary gems
Blessing of the Worthy Blood-soaked Jade Bottled Hope Chip of Stoned Flesh
Echoing Shade Howler's Call Phoenix Ashes Seeping Bile
Zwenson's Haunting


List of legendary gems

How to use gems

Step 1

Go to equipment screen.

Step 2

Select the piece of equipment you want to crush gems on. Equipment slots should be left blank to squeeze gems.

Step 3

Choose the Gem that best matches the equipment. Don't forget that Gems can be freely removed and replaced as you like.


Note: Normal gems can only be used a specific stone color on an item, be it Red, Yellow, or Blue.

To use any gems, the player just needs to squeeze them in Equipment slot of character. As for legendary gems, there are a total of 6 main slots per character, and players can only squeeze one legendary gem per character. The remaining 5 empty slots include belt, neck, ring, hand, shoe you can use to press gems normally.

How to upgrade gems

| Upgrade normal gems using clones and Echo Crystals

Normal gems can be upgraded by merging three normal gems of the same level. This method will only work until Rank 5. To upgrade from Rank 6 or higher, you will need an additional Echo Crystal.

| Upgrade legendary gems using clones and power gems

Legendary gems are upgraded using copies of the same gem regardless of rank. Players will need 5 of the same legendary stones to upgrade them to a higher rank.