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Welcome to the category Genshin Impact: Game Guide. Here you will find information about the game guide, tips, tricks, strategies for beginners and much more.

This category is still under development, so there are still some things missing. Please wait patiently for us to add more new information. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding Genshin Impact, please contact Andrew via Facebook.


All Characters


| Character by element

Character by element
Fire Wind Lighting
Country Soil Ice


| Characters are now available

All characters
Anemo Traveler Jean Winds
Sucrose Xiao Sayu
kazuha Heizhou Aloy
Rosaria Ayaka kaeya
chongyun Qiqi dione
shenhe ganyu Eula
Raiden Traveler (Electro) Lisa
Razor fischl Beidou
keqing Sara Yae miko
Shinobu Traveler (Geo) Noelle
ningguang gorou zhongli
yun-jin albedo Itto
Barbara Mona Xing Qiu
tartaglia ayato Yelan
kokomi Amber Dilute
Klee Bennett Xiangling
xinyan Yohimiya yanfei
Thomas Hu Tao


| Characters coming soon

All characters
Tignari Colley Dendro Traveler
Dori cyno Haitham
dehya nilou nahida
Alice Skirk Tsaritsa
baizhu boats Captain
Lynette lyney Daisley
Scaramouche Pulcinella yansan

Tips and tricks

All tutorials, tips and tricks


| Before starting the game

  • Everything you need to know first

| Item and Resource Guide

  • Guide to Farming Ore and Crystals
  • How to Farm and spend Mora reasonably
  • How to use Primogems
  • How to Farm Primogems
  • Instructions and explanations about holy relic
  • How to Farm Holy Relics
  • How to cook food
  • How to make ingredients
  • When should you trade destiny items?
  • How to use and restore virgin plastic
  • Stardust and trade it for?
  • Starglitter and trading it for?
  • Local specialties in Mondstadt
  • Local specialties in Liyue
  • List of local specialties
  • How to get the Oculus Resonance Stone
  • How to get the treasure compass
  • Routes and ways to farm the holy relic
  • How to convert character materials

| Guide to leveling

  • How to level up?
  • Character Ascension Guide
  • How to level up Statues of The Seven
  • How to increase Stamina and effects?
  • How to increase adventure rank?
  • How to raise the world level?
  • How to improve elemental mastery
  • How to unlock constellations
  • How to upgrade Talents
  • How to upgrade weapons
  • How to continue the expedition?
  • Guide Ley Line Outcrop

| Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Battle Pass?
  • What is recharging?
  • How to leave Co-op mode?
  • How to unlock online multiplayer
  • How to change the main character's name
  • How to revive character?
  • Which main character should you choose?
  • When will the treasure chest reappear?

All Bosses

All Bosses

| Weekly Boss

Stormterror dvalin

Lupus boreas



The Lady

Raiden shogun


| World Boss


Hypostasis anemus


Cryo regisvine

Pyro regisvine


Cousin Geovishap


Maguu kenki

Perpetual mechanical array



Thunder Manifestation

Golden Wolflord

Bathysmal Vishap Herd

Ruin Serpent


This is a compilation of all our Genshin Impact missions including Archon quests, story missions, world quests and daily quests.

List of quests


Archon Quest Story quests
World quest Daily quests



Weapons List


| List of weapons by rarity

All weapons by rarity
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★★★ ★★

Holy relic

List of Holy Relics


Archaic petra Blizzard Strayer Bloodstained chivalry
Crimson Witch of Flames Echoes of An Offering Emblem of Severed Fate
Gladiator's Finale Heart of Depth Remember or Opulent Dreams
lavawalker Maiden beloved Noblesse Obligate
Ocean-Hued Clam Pale Flame Bolide Retracing
Shimenawa's Reminiscence Tenacity of the Millelite Thundering fury
thundersoother Vermillion Hereafter Viridescent venerer
Wanderer's Troupe Berserker Brave heart
Defender's Will Gambler Instructor
Martial Artist Prayers for Destiny Prayers for Illumination
Prayers for Wisdom Prayers to Springtime Resolution of Sojourner
Scholar Exile Tiny Miracle
Adventurer Lucky Dog Traveling Doctor


Domain List


| Domain Guide

Mondstadt domain
Weapon Materials Cecilia Garden
Talent Document Forsaken Rift
Artifacts Summer Courtyard

Valley of Remembrance

Vindagnyr Peak

Domain Liyue
Weapon Materials The Hidden Palace of the Lianshan Formula
Talent Document Taishan Mansion
Artifacts The Hidden Palace of the Zhou Consciousness

Transparent swimming pool and Mountain Cave

Region Guyun

Ridge Police

The Lost Valley

Inazuma Miền domain
Weapon Materials Flowing Sand Building
Talent Document Violet Court
Artifacts Momiji Dyeing Court

The court fell asleep


| Guide Domains One Time

Land One-time domain
mondstadt Falcon Temple Temple of the Wolf
Lion Temple Eagle Gate
Liyue Domain
abandoned ruins
The Hidden Palace of the Guizang . Formula
The domain of the path to progress
inazuma Empty boat of a thousand gates Shakkei Pavillion
Real estate formed Palace in the swimming pool
Moshiri Kara