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How To Play: Gloria T3 Arena

Gloria is a damage hero who specializes in taking down enemies for a long time in T3 Arena. She best engages enemies while hiding and shooting them down with precision. She begins her journey in search of lost treasure after discovering an ancient adventure record in her family's castle. This was the beginning of her exploration career. And then she joins the T3 Federation to uncover this archeological mystery to its fullest.

In the writing “How To Play: Gloria T3 Arena” Here, we'll dive into the details of her abilities, team combinations, and Gloria gameplay tips. In addition, you can also see articles on how to play other characters such as sindri, Gatlyn , and Chemist.


| Ability to work

Gloria's operability allows you to switch from Pistol to Rifle ZMR attack. It is a large-caliber assault rifle that aids in long-range takedowns. With Gloria's proactive ability, you can target opponents hiding in hidden corners or high ground.

Also, you have a high chance of knocking down your opponent with less ammo if you shoot in the head. With such a proactive ability, you especially have an advantage in control mode.

| Ultimate ability

The two Ultimate abilities can be used by Gloria alternately.

Quicksand Bomb

As the name suggests, it's an original ticking time bomb slow down the opponent near where the bomb was dropped. At the same time, it deals damage to enemies with the initial explosion. The next explosion deals significant damage, draining enemies, in case you accidentally finish them off.

Amplify Module

This creates an energy-amplifying force field that increase damage for Gloria's weapons. Her weapon is increased 50% when using this ability. Whenever an enemy is in the field, they will face swelling damage per bullet. This ability can appear in the rumbling box after reaching level 7.

| Passive ability

Passive ability acts as an accelerator. Increase movement speed after 2 seconds of leisure. With this passive ability. You can protect yourself when engaging in a risky war. The passive ability unlocks after it is found in Rumble Boxes when you reach level 9.

How to Play Gloria T3 Arena

| The best weapon for Gloria

Gloria's main weapon is a MD-2 . double-barreled automatic pistol used in close-range combat. It can deal high explosive damage in melee battles. This makes her weapon unsuitable for medium and long range takedowns.

Her weapon is very useful in death matches. Because this mode is relatively unsuitable for participating in long-range battles. However, the player does not need to switch to the ZMR Assault Rifle in Control and Payload modes.

| Tips for using Gloria in T3 Arena

  • While using ZMR Assault Rifle. Gloria's movement speed and vision are limited. Therefore, caution should be exercised when shooting from cover and capturing a higher ground or safer ground.
  • Gloria has to be fast enough to switch between her shotgun and active abilities. Since handguns are very useful in melee range.
  • In regime To escort or Control weight. She must play strategically to capture a high ground and deal damage to multiple opponents. Since they will be nearby keeping an eye on their target.

| Combine the best formation when using Gloria

Gloria, a general ranged damage, is best promoted when combined with champions that can be played in the frontline. In this part of the guide. We'll take a look at some layouts that match Gloria's style.

  • Gloria/Iris/Sindri: This team combination is only balanced when the heroes are strategically placed to wipe out the opponent. Gloria should occupy a higher ground and aim for a headshot. Meanwhile, Iris can provide health to both Gloria and Sindri, who will be playing on the front lines. Gloria's ultimate can lock down opponents. While Sindri and her bot can take advantage of this opportunity to wipe out enemies with ease.
  • Gloria/Kazama/Jabali: Kazama can aid Gloria with her active "Airplane Mode" ability. He can look for enemies targeting Gloria that are masking her limited speed and vision. Meanwhile, Jabali can fight in the frontline as well as provide a shield when Gloria engages in close combat.
Hero countering Gloria Hero overcome by Gloria
Fin Jabali
Ossas Ruby
Victor Iris
Shell skadi


Gloria is a possible damage champion fighting in all situations or from any location. This makes her a very versatile hero. Make her a top level character. She can be easily unlocked through the Hall of Fame upon reaching 12 titles.

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