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Guide to Farm Gold Fastest | Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, Gold (Gold) are one of the most popular and most important currencies that you will need to own a lot of. Read on to learn more about the best ways to farm and use Gold effectively.

How to Farm Gold in Dialo Immortal

| Kill the enemy

Gold is unit most popular currency which you will find throughout the game. You can get Gold drops from monsters you kill or chests or rewards from Quests, Bounties and many other in-game activities.

Fight against the enemy will be one of the most popular activities players can do in the game – whenever you see an enemy, just take them down for quick cash.

| Complete Bounties

Unlocked when you arrive Westmarch and complete the instructions of Blacksmith Chari, Bounties is a great source of gold for players. Each Bounties provides some Gold to the player upon completion, with some bonuses providing more Gold to the player than others.

Only with tam target to complete within a day, these are quick and easy goals that players can do on a daily basis to earn as much Gold as possible.

| Run Rifts

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Rifts (both Elder and Challenge) offer players a linear and beautiful path filled with enemies that each can drop one large amount of Gold for the player to pick up. The best thing about these Rifts is that they are free to use, with the only obstacle to the player in them being the player's own strength and skill.

Join Rifts and repeat them if you want to earn a good amount of Gold each run.

| Repeat Dungeons

Similar to running Rifts multiple times, players can also choose one of the many dungeons they encounter in the game to run through. Choose a single Dungeon to iterate is a good way. Make sure you have a Dungeon that works best for you when you kill all the enemies inside to be able to maximize the amount of Gold picked up.

How to use Gold effectively

| Prioritize equipment upgrades

Before using it for anything else, make it a priority to spend Gold to equipment upgrade your .

Upgrading and leveling up your equipment is very important because this is main way to increase ORDR and improve your character's strength.

In addition, Legendary equipment is also obtained Bonus attribute at certain equipment levels, making upgrading them higher priority.

| Use Gold to gamble

If you have excess Gold after upgrading and want to try to have the opportunity to receive high-quality equipment, then gambling in Westmarch is the best thing to do next.

Gambling allows you to buy Mystery item Reveal yourself in your inventory to become an item that has random quality, slots and attributes.

If you are particularly lucky with gambling, you may find yourself items Legendary with only a small amount of Gold.

| Use for Clan Creation

If you have saved a lot of Gold and want to create a large group of players, consider creating Clan .

Clans are a great way to interact and coordinate with like-minded players for DungeonHelliquary Raids and other types of group content in Diablo Immortal.

To form a Clan, you will need 100.000 Gold, so make sure you have plenty of Gold to spare before investing in a Clan.

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