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Instructions for changing Character Skills | Diablo Immortal

Change skills in Diablo Immortal is required to add some of your newer playstyle and is accessible from the in-game menu. Read on for the steps needed to change, move, or view your skills.

Instructions for changing skills

| Change skill in Menu

Skills can be changed in menu Skill, you can access through the main “Menu”. The available Skills that are equipped are displayed on the left side of the menu, with the locations they can be placed on the right.

This is the same process that can be done to equip any skills the player unlocks during their playthrough, including New skill. Note that you can only have 1 main attack and 4 secondary skills equipped at any given time. Feel free to swap them out to fit your desired playstyle.

How to equip skills

When ready to change skills, open the Main Menu, accessible by the icon at the top right of the screen. From there, select the option Skill to open Skill Menu .
2 After opening the menu, select Skills on the left side of the menu and click or tap the . button Equipment. Choose a location on Skill Hotbad at the bottom right to equip a new skill.


| Move the skill by choosing the switch location

You can move skills on your skill hotbar by selecting the skill's icon, tapping the . button Transfer location, then select the location you want to move to.

Skill upgrade

You do not have to skill upgrade manually. Auto-Rank Skills when you level up .

Special items called Amulet It is also possible to increase the rank of certain skills.

How to see skills in action

To see your currently equipped skills, tap your character's image at the top left of the screen, then select the icon that looks like a scroll or sheet. This will open Character Profile your. Then choose Skill on the right side of the menu to see your currently equipped skills.

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