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Lassal The Flame-Spun: How to fight and rewards | Diablo Immortal

This is a raid guide on Lassal The Flame Spun in Diablo Immortal. Read on to learn how to defeat the Helliquary Lassal boss, its attack patterns, and the rewards you'll get for defeating Lassal.

Lassal The Flame-Spun overview and rewards

| overview

Boss Recommended CR

Lassal The Flame-Spun

Level 1: 420

Level 2: 1250

Level 3: 1640

Trophies Reward Claws twisting flames

Claws twisting flames

trophy Effect
Flame-Twisted Claw Sealed in Helliquary to receive +30 for Combat Rank .

At the same time increase +10% Speed Hit (Challenge Rift only) if sealed in Main slot by Helliquary.


| General Rewards

Level Reward
1 ・Mysterious equipment
· Yellow
・ Chest of Glory (top 3 players)
・ 10 Scoria
・ 10 Scoria (Warband Raid)
2 ・Mysterious equipment
· Yellow
・ Chest of Glory (top 3 players)
・ 15 Scoria
・ 15 Scoria (Warband Raid)
3 ・Mysterious equipment
· Yellow
・ Chest of Glory (top 3 players)
・ 20 Scoria
・ 20 Scoria (Warband Raid)

How to beat

| Avoid consuming resources in Phase 1

Phase 1 is part Easiest of the war. Focus on attacking and dodging Lassal's jump attack if it uses it. This stage will be easy if your character has the necessary stats for the raid.

| Quickly Remove Summoned Slagspitters

When Lassal summons Slagspitters at any time during the fight, make sure Prioritize destroying them as soon as possible. They can deal constant damage to your party, and if Lassal's attack connects while your HP is low, you can die and the raid fail.

| Always pay attention to your location

Positioning is the most important aspect of Lassal Raid, especially in its boulder attack. Always put yourself in the most ideal area for your attack range. Stay away if you're in the ranged class, take care to avoid molten cracks if you're in the melee class.

| Avoid resurrecting allies during stage 4

Phase 4 sends Lassal into a frenzy and starts using its attack at a rapid rate. Your resurrection will easily interrupted, so it's better to stack damage during this phase and end the fight immediately. You can revive your fallen allies after the battle is over.

During the raid, you can spend one free respawn without ally support and also have full HP. Make sure to use this sparingly and as much as possible, only use it in stages 3 or 4. Have your allies revive you in easier stages.

Attack Types

| Attack pattern phase 1

Jump Slam

This is the attack Lassal's strongest in Phase 1. He can jump around the map and land in a large area aimed at a single player. This repeats many times and you can't run towards him because Lassal's hitbox will block your movement.

| Attack pattern phase 2

Flame arc

This is a big hit but it has a long charging time. It will be easier to move behind Lassal when he rushes into this move.

Demon Summoning and Infirmary

Lassal summons several youkai and Slagspitters, who will relentlessly attack the player during the raid. Slagspitters in particular can deal massive amounts of damage to players.

Flame Arc Ignite

Lassal ignites the molten cracks created by its Flame Arc attack. Make sure you always keep your place by dodging these molten cracks!

| Attack pattern phase 3

AoE Boulder Attack

Lassal summons a rock on the battlefield. After a short time, any player who is not behind the rock will take massive damage and potentially die if their defense and battle ratings are close to the recommended battle rating requirements. .

| Attack pattern phase 4

All movements

When Lassal enters Phase 4, that is its last bit of HP. He goes insane and he gets an increased attack speed. In addition, all moves he uses in stages 1 to 3 will be usable during this phase. You should use all of your ultimatums during this period if applicable.

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