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Synthesis Full Gift Code Genshin Impact Latest 3/2023

This is the general category Gift Code Genshin Impact. Here we round up the latest Genshin Impact codes including Genshin Impact 3.2 live stream codes, so you can get primogem, mora and more.

Latest Gift Code Genshin Impact

-- Reward
LA9C3RHPPHQH Primogems*60 and Adventurer's Experience*5
SSRCJ8HSV7UM Mora*10000, Adventurer's Experience*10, Fine Enhancement Ore*5, Fisherman's Toast*5 and Goulash*5
DAQS9FPX2U35 Primogems*60 and Adventurer's Experience*5
GENSHINGIFT  Primogems*50 and Hero's Wit*3


All bonus codes in Genshin Impact all have a certain time limit. In the information table above, we will regularly update the usage time of the code and regularly update the latest Code for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions about Gift Code

| How to redeem Gift Code in game?

To redeem the Genshin Impact code, you need to reach at least an Adventure Rank of ten. At that point, you just need to visit Official redemption page, log in, choose a server, enter your character's nickname and enter the Genshin Impact Code we provide. Then you just hit redeem and the reward is yours.

| How to get more Gift Code?

Mihoyo doesn't release much code, but you can stay updated by following Genshin Impact on Twitter, Facebook or by becoming a part of Discord. This is also a good way to update the latest Gift Code.

What is Gift Code Genshin Impact?

Code Genshin Impact are rewards that Mihoyo sometimes gives the player, they can include primogem, mora or anything else. Mihoyo usually releases them around a new update to the game, so you should stay tuned around that.

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