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| Story about us

There are thousands of games on every platform released every day, there are hundreds of news websites about mobile games, PC/Console. But how many Web sites about Gaming Tutorials, Tips and Tricks are there? This is the question that came to me on a beautiful autumn day. As a gamer since childhood, I have been fascinated by video games. So, why not start a Gaming Tutorial Website, focused on creating insightful content for the global video game community? That's how Wiki Game started back in June 6 with a partnership between Andrew Dang and Khuong Panda.

– Andrew Dang (Founder & Editor-in-Chief – Game Wiki)

| The mission statement

Game Wiki has always strived to be the aggregator for all tutorial topics related to mobile, PC or Console games. Game Wiki is strict against providing misinformation to our audience as we are gamers too and we understand that doing so will negatively affect the gaming industry and its games. which we all love.

Wiki Game is run by a group of passionate video game gamers from around the world. Our team consists of experienced gamers who are excited to share their gaming knowledge and experience with the community. We are constantly adding/looking for gamers with diverse backgrounds and their own favorite game genres so we can provide a full range of content.

If you're curious to know how we survived, keep an eye on our homepage regularly!