Wuthering Waves Wiki
Prefire Action Shooter Poster

Prefire: Action Shooter Shooter

Magic Cat Wonderland Poster

Magic Cat Wonderland Idle rpg

Rebel Bots Poster

Rebel Bots Idle rpg

AshFall Poster

AshFall Shooter

18TRIP Poster

18TRIP Arcade

Nanospace Bubbly Poster

Nanospace: Bubbly Idle rpg

Gold & Glory Poster

Gold & Glory Tower Defense

Blade of Duel Poster

Blade of Duel Action RPG

Eighth Era Poster

Eighth Era Idle rpg

Weapons Party Mobile Poster

Weapons Party Mobile Moba

Kingdom Heroes Empire Poster

Kingdom Heroes Empire Action RPG

Last Hunter Poster

Last Hunter Action RPG

Arcanterra A Story Poster

Arcanterra: A Story Arcade

Tamamon World Poster

Tamamon World MMORPG

FPS Strike Ops Poster

FPS Strike Ops Shooter

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Poster

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile Action RPG

Rambo Soldier - ContraS Poster

Rambo Soldier – ContraS Platformer

Sand Hero Epic RPG Poster

Sand Hero: Epic RPG Action RPG

Fighter Pilot Iron Bird Poster

Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird Action RPG

Last World Poster

Last world Sandbox

Gold Bank Poster

Gold Bank Action RPG

Rumble Squad Idle RPG Poster

Rumble Squad: Idle RPG Idle rpg

Wreck League Poster

Wreck League Fighting

Survival War Death World Poster

Survival War: Death World Build-Battle