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7 Secrets To Help You Master All Meta TFT

Play a perfect match in every Meta TFT almost impossible. With only 30 seconds per turn, we can't optimally decide what to buy, whether to level up, roll the dice, and how to stack – especially during the crucial turns against the opponent. With all this in mind, it's also quite challenging to give general advice. Because everything depends on the specific situation.

Although many games are the same. But there are so many unique situations that you simply cannot be prepared for. Fortunately, to climb Rank well, you no need to play TFT perfectly, you just have to play better than your opponent. In this article, we'll give you 7 Tips to simplify your decision-making process, giving you more time to analyze the game and organize your lineup.

When we do a big roll of the dice, we don't rate every champion in the shop. Instead, we already know which champions are strong in Meta TFT and suitable for our current roster. And we only focus on those champions to optimize 30 seconds per turn. Now let's explore “7 Secrets To Help You Master Every TFT Meta” any!

1. Clear your sub, clear your mind

The person who asked this sentence is a very famous professional TFT gamer named soulless. What this actually means is that you should only keep the units that you plan to use on your bench. A common mistake many people make is buying everything in their store to “optimize” dice rolling.

Meanwhile, buy a unit that you do not want will increase your chances of seeing the unit you want. But this percentage is actually very small. Instead, the few seconds you waste buying and selling units you really don't need will waste your time in the future.

You will there's not enough time to complete all dice roll and will be left with 30 gold. When you really want to roll the dice to zero or you will accidentally sell the wrong units on your bench due to time pressure. Clear your sub, clear your mind and mind.

2. Buy the main champion in your squad now

This seems controversial. But this is a contradiction that I have noticed in all the top players in the leaderboard. In about 80% of the time, they buy the first key champion they see. Why is this so powerful? It's because it's a guaranteed 2-star unit in Phase 2. This saves a lot of health during the match. It plays an important role when you encounter a powerful blood-push Lobby.

Although you can avoid not picking the first important position in the lower level. But this is necessary if you want to play with the best players. Fortunately, the game designers are also working to make all of the key positions of each lineup usable, and have made aggressive changes to support this. So I expect this trend to continue in every Meta TFT.

3. If there are more than 4 pieces of equipment, assemble it now

Normally, we recommend installing equipment if you have 4 pieces of equipment. But often we let ourselves play greedy and don't do this. However, if you have more than 4 pieces of equipment. You definitely need to build an item that matches the current Meta TFT.

4. Swap the random position of the champion on the chessboard

Again, power plays TFT our limited by time. If you are doing a big roll or spend too much time thinking about what to play. You may not have enough time to observe your opponents and create the perfect position for your team.

If this happens, randomize the positions of the champions on the board by swapping them. You can also do something called "fake swap”. Both swaps and “fake swaps” make your position unpredictable. From there, prevent your opponent from outplaying your main champion.

Just to clear up any confusion, it's always better to survey and position your opponent at every turn. But since we don't always have enough time to do that, This tip is great! Great to apply to your turn.

5. Spend all your gold when you're below 20 health

There's nothing worse than die with 50 gold on the chessboard. If you are under 20 health, you should use all your gold to upgrade or go back to 0 in 95% of cases. Gold that is not consumed is useless if you die. Taking profits is also useless if you die.

Doesn't matter if you're just looking for 1 unit with 50 gold or if you don't have anything great to put in after you upgrade. When you only have one life left, you need to play like that and protect yourself. I see this error made by a lot of low ranked players.

6. Never Roll to 0 gold

When you need to Roll out of gold to find the necessary champion. You should almost never let gold go to 0 if you're not at low health. If you roll to 0 gold, it will not be possible to reset your economy.

Instead, you should roll gold to level 10 gold. If you roll to 0, it will take you 2 more turns to reach 50 gold compared to rolling to 10 gold. Unless you have too many champion pairs on the bench.

7. Roll as soon as you have more than 4 pairs of champions

Finally, if you have 4 or more couples. You should roll 10 gold. This will not affect your economy. But there is a very high possibility to power up your team comps.

In fact, not rolling will cost you more gold in the long run. Because you have expensive champions sitting on reserve band without fighting. If you spend a small amount of money looking for updates. You can allow yourself to get more profit at the end of the game because you have more health to play with.


When I analyzed the top challengers, these are tips and tricks which they apply. However, these are just general rules and are not absolute facts. Being a pro is knowing when to break the rules.

If you already have the basic skills for everyone Meta TFT, according to what I present here will easily help you achieve the title of Master without changing if you don't want to. You can go further, but you'll need to recognize when and when you shouldn't apply these 7 Secrets.

Hope this article has helped sharpen your skills – we hope to release more articles like this in the near future. Thank you for watching content about “7 Secrets To Help You Master Every TFT Meta” among millions of interesting content out there.

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