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Items (Items) in Diablo Immortal will be essential for upgrading your equipment, strengthening your character and keeping your survivability in better battles. Read on to learn how to find and get different items like runes, currency, consumables, and quest items.

List of Items
Upgrade Materials Runes Currency
Consumable supplies Quest Item Vessels


Upgrade Materials

Main upgrade materials are items used to upgrade your armor or weapons in the game. You can visit the Blacksmith to use these materials.

List of upgrade materials
Barrier Stone Enchanted Dust Enigmatic Crystal Glowing Shard
Hellfire Scoria Jolt Stone Ravager Stone scum
Scrap Material Tremor Stone Vengeance Stone Wildfire Stone


All upgrade materials


Runes is a special upgrade material that allows you to craft legendary gems. Each tablet corresponds to a different recipe. You can craft many legendary gems to help you level up and increase strength in Diablo Immortal.

List of Runes
Ati Audi Bowl Cir
Dro Ece Ent Fa
imm Laz Luxury No
Well Ord Oh Phys
Pyr Rae Syl Tyr
Urs Vox Sore Zuh


All Runes


Diablo Immortal has quite a lot monetary items are different and each has its own unique use. These include premium currency for in-app purchases, rare upgrade materials for bonus mechanics, special keys to unlock world chests, and Elder Rift modifiers.

Currency List
Aspiring's Key Beryl Crest Eternal Orb
Garnet Gold hilt Legendary Crest
Platinum Sapphire


All currencies

Consumable supplies

Players will pick up consumables dropped by enemies in Sanctuary. These not only provide experience or health, they also provide types Buffs and bonuses different.

List of consumables

Conduit Globe

energy globe Experience Globe Health Globe
Quickening Globe Resurrection Stone


All consumables

Quest Item

Quest Item is the type of item you will receive temporarily during your quests. Some may simply be daily quest entries.

List of quest items
Alvas's Mangled Hide Blackened Branch Blood Flower Thorns Crimson Arach's Eye

Demonic Flesh

Ember of Dark Magic Fahir's Command Mountrous Essence

Stolen Goods


All quest items

Vessels of the Horadrim

Vessels of the Horadrim are special items that can be returned to Iben Fahd's Sanctum in Westmarch. Players can bring these items into the Sanctum for permanent rewards according to their attributes.

List of Vessels

Caldesan's Compassion

Catherine's Piety

Guilt of the Nameless

Iben Fahd's Tenacity

Jered Cain's Vision

Nilfur's Precision

Nor Tiraj's Knowledge

Tal Rasha's Authority

Zoltun Kulle's Ingenuity


List of Vessels of the Horadrim

Helliquary Trophies

Trophies (Titles) are special items that you will receive when you defeat the Helliquary Boss in Diablo Immortal. Players can put these items in Helliquary for permanent rewards for their attributes and power ups for taking on challenges.

List of Trophies

Flame-Twisted Claw

Pyl's Flowing Chaos


All Helliquary Trophies