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Bosses are the giant bosses in Diablo Immortal and to conquer the Boss, you will need a well-coordinated party to take down the Boss. Let's learn about all types of Bosses in the game!

What is Boss?

Bosses are good enemies powerful tycoon that players will often encounter during the Diablo Immortal experience. They have a unique name and independent powers that make them easy to separate from normal enemies. Defeating the boss, you will get a lot more valuable items than normal enemies in Diablo Immortal.

| Meet the boss in the main quest (story)

Occasionally you will encounter bosses in the main missions, you will have to defeat them to receive rewards and unlock the next missions in the game. Build a strong character that can defeat the boss in the required time.

Guide to Build Characters

Boss List

| Quest Boss

Boss Dungeon
King Leoric Mad King's Breach
Countess Tower Forgotten
Segithis Tomb of Fahir
Baal Destruction's End
Siege Breaker Namari Temple
Glacial Colossus Cavern of Echoes
Skarn Pit of Anguish

| Boss Helliquary

Boss Level of difficult Combat Rank

Lassal The Flame-Spun

1 420
2 1250