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Diablo Immortal is a world of uncompromising dungeons, take solid first steps to help you start your journey in the right direction. Categories tips and tricks Our Diablo Immortal will give you a good start and lots of useful information you may need.

How to change server

 Choose a server with friends and low latency 
When you first start the game, you will be provided with a list of servers available in the area yours to choose from. Once selected, players cannot change servers, so choose wisely! You'll want to choose a server with low latency (the lower the millisecond latency the better) and one that the people you want to play with are also using, since you can't play against people on the servers other!
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How to get and use Charms

 Craftsmen sell and upgrade charms 
In addition to leveling up your character, Charms provide another way to skill level up your. They can be difficult to optimize due to luck-based scrolling, but Charms are a good way to level up skills past the level 60 cap.
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How to use gold effectively

Spend your hard-earned money wisely
Each currency you earn in Diablo Immortal has its own use. Make sure you're spending wisely most efficient and wisest maybe not to waste the Gold, Hilts, Platinum and Eternal Orbs you earn!
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How to change skills

Maximize the effect of the skill
There are some summoner spells that can affect the amount of damage from a character's skills. Legendary stones and charms will alter your skills, so it's very important to adjust your character's skills depending on your current gear to maximize your character's effectiveness!
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Battle Pass Guide

Battle Pass and things to know
If you are deciding to see is it worth the money? for Diablo Immortal or not, the best place to look first is the Battle Pass. Spending on the Battle Pass significantly increases the rewards you get compared to the free plan, so it's the highest value item you can buy with real money!
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Awakening Guide

Awaken Legendaries and improve effects
In Diablo Immortal, Awakening is a process that allows you to Enhance unique effects and images visualization of your Legendary items to make them look and feel more powerful. To Awaken a Legendary item, you need to obtain a Rank 10 Legendary Gem, a Legendary item to attach, and a Dawning Echo.
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