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List of side quests | Diablo Immortal

Sidequests are small quests that appear randomly or can be accepted from Adventure Seekers in Diablo Immortal. Read on to the helpful article below for how to complete Side Quests, unlocks, rewards, and other useful information.


What are side quests?

| Adventure seeker quest

Most of the side quests are okay unlock after reach level 60 and change the difficulty to Hell I. From there you can visit Adventure Seeker in Westmarch to get side quests.

You will get 3 daily side quests for a specific area. Side quests will refresh at 3 am server time. You can also pay the Adventure Seeker with gold to change the available quests. After you accept the side quest set from the Adventure Seeker, it won't disappear until you complete the objectives or give up the quest.

In addition to the quest reward, completing a side quest also spawns a chest containing piece of equipment and some enchanted dust.

Completing all side quests of an area is required to complete Discovery Achievements.

| Random events

There are also side quests appear randomly while the player is exploring an area, whether they are on a main quest, farm level in the area or just passing through.

Only 4 quests of the type This and they all involve killing different enemies by region. Completing a quest will reward you with a chest containing 2 pieces of equipment and 3 Enchanted Dust.

Cleansing the Rot

For this random side quest, you will need to kill a certain number of enemies inside a marked area on the map. You must reach the required number of kills without leaving the area, if leaving the area the side quest will automatically fail.


A unique boss monster will spawn nearby that you will have to defeat to get the reward chest. Bosses will be marked with a purple skull on map your game and can also be seen and attacked by any player.

However, the reward for defeating the only boss belongs only to the player has activated the side quest. If you come across one of these Wanted monsters and you notice their health bar is gray, you won't get anything after knocking it down. Even so, it would still be nice to give other players a hand!

Another thing to remember about Wanted side quest is that although they are still activated by accident, their position and the corresponding unique boss will remain the same.

Break the Curse

This side quest is activated by interacting with Cursed ChestAttempting to open one of such chests will spawn spirits around you. You will have a bonus target to beat. These enemies will spawn for a certain duration, which will give you another Cursed Chest if completed successfully.


A group of enemies will appear around your current location. Defeat them to get your reward.

List of side quests

Move to an area
Westmarch Ashwold Cemetery Forest of Darkness
Sea of ​​Shassar Library Zoltun Kulle Bilefen
Mount Zavain Frozen Tundra worthham
Realm of Damnation


| Westmarch's Quest

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Ashwold Cemetery Quest

1 Another sword
2 Break the curse
3 Suspicious behavior
4 Send signal
5 Mysterious secret
6 Escape from the past
7 A lost treasure
8 Noise from the well
9 Disabled warrior
10 Bridge incident
11 Going to have dinner
12 A dilemma
13 Lost love
14 Rest in peace


| Shadow Forest Quest

1 Ravenus wolves
2 The supply is robbed
3 The Call of the Forest
4 Fight with old allies
5 Reunion
6 Deep Forest Beast
7 Daredevil Scouts
8 Crazy guy
9 Moon Lupis
10 Young Hunter
11 The patrol was kidnapped
12 tough vines
13 Decapitation
14 Imprisoned
15 Devil's Ritual


| Shassar . Sea Mission

1 The level of loyalty in the question
2 Vintage Desert
3 Grave Thief
4 Unholy's Ascension
5 Liars and greed
6 There is no room for children
7 Melted iron
8 Enemy of the enemy
9 Specialty deals
10 Source
11 Journey to the past
12 External investigation
13 A teacher, a father
14 Thirst for kingship
15 To Tabri


| Quest at the Zoltun Kulle Library

1 Amazing opportunity
2 Animation purpose
3 The foundation collapsed
4 Those who eat knowledge
5 Sand tide
6 Justice of the scorpion
7 Fate of the Eradicators
8 Stonebelly's Healing
9 Allied Thief
10 What's Under Skulks
11 Prize Hunter
12 Purity of form
13 Seeking strength
14 Perfect assistant
15 Temple of Iron


| Bilefen's Quest

1 Grave of the Hidden
2 Way home
3 The Toothless William Thorpe
4 Lord of Terroir
5 Two copies
6 Compass is broken
7 Let us join
8 Dreams are over
9 Endless strike
10 Damaged bait
11 Leftovers
12 No pain
13 Disinfection
14 Charity season
15 Night Auction


| Zavain Mountain Quest

1 Mastery and nothingness
2 Private nightmares
3 Beware of Khazra
4 Controlled burning
5 Darkness breaks light
6 Your money or your life
7 Bonds
8 The Animal Dilemma
9 More love
10 Lost life
11 Tomb of the world
12 Pass the torch
13 Horror funeral
14 Faith's banner
15 Unleash death


| Mission Frozen Tundra

1 Frozen nightmare
2 Non-stop battle
3 Winter hug
4 Heart of the storm
5 Come and go
6 Demand Direst
7 Ice breaker
8 The altar is broken
9 Overgrown
10 Return the original
11 Warm
12 Unusually cold
13 Vision of justice
14 Blood of the last eldest brother
15 Shoot


| Wortham Quest

Quest list for this area coming soon!


| Realm of Damnation Quest

1 Waiting for Doom
2 Hell's Fire Core
3 The beginning of the bitter war
4 Fire bells
5 Visitors from Afar
6 A right choice
7 Crush them all
8 Bloodsucking
9 Short period of time
10 Harmony's Horn
11 Dead eyes
12 Whisper
13 Local Origin
14 Terrible storm
15 Current pain

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