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Awakening Guide: How to Get Resonance | Diablo Immortal

Awakening (Awakening) Your Legendary items in Diablo Immortal will improve their unique effects and allow you to gain resonance effects. Read on to learn more about Awakening Legendaries items, how to get resonances, and Awaken, Resonance features.

What is Awakening?

| Legendary item effects increased

In Diablo Immortal, Awakening is a process that allows you enhanced unique effects and visuals of items Legendary yours to make them look and feel stronger.

Legendary items in all 6 gear slots main can be Awakened, allowing you to have a total of up to six Wake effects conscious.

Awakening gives Legendary items bonus effect bonuses like cooldown reductiondamage improvement , and increased blood.

| Unlock Legendary Gem Magnetic Resonance

Awakening your Legendary items also unlocks Resonance, which allows you to increase their power through Additional Legendary Gems.

Resonance allows you to add more Legendary Gems to your main gear slots to Attribute bonus increase that Awakening items provide.

A high enough Resonance will also give your character these aesthetic change opposite to with your Legendary gear.

How to Awaken Legendary Items

| Upgrade Legendary Gems to level 10

The first thing you should do to Awaken a Legendary item is to upgrade Gemstone Legend to level 10.

Upgrading Legendary Gems to level 10 requires many copies its own, along with much Other Legendary Stones.

This process is hardest part to awaken a Legendary item, so it should be the first step you complete before moving on to the next.

All Legendary Gems

| Attach Gems to a Legendary item

The next step is to attach that Legendary Stone to a Legendary items.

You can do this by placing Legendary Stones on the word item Warehouse or by visiting the Jewelers House and managing your Legendary Gems.

| Own Dawning Echo

The final prerequisite for Awakening a Legendary item is that you must possess one Dawning Echo.

This item is necessary for the Awakening to happen and can only be earned through the tab Materials Store in the game for the price 1000 Eternal Orbs.

| Visit Master Jeweler

After you have obtained all the items needed for Awakening, you can visit Master Jeweler in Westmarch to awaken the Legendary item you selected.

How to get resonance

| Unlock resonance after awakening a Legendary item

After Awakening a Legendary item, it will automatically unlock Resonance for that item.

You can unlock the resonance by going to Master Jeweler in Westmarch and bring Awakened item yours to them.

| Improved resonance with more Legendary Gems

Resonance works by allowing you more Legendary Gems into your awakened items.

Depending on Ranking of these Legendary Stones, they provide Basic Attribute Bonus increasing for your Awakening items.

Each Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal also has Various Resonance Rewards, so pay attention to which stone is most beneficial to your character.

| Higher resonance will change equipment visual effects

In the Resonance Level high enough, your Awakening Legend equipment will also receive unique progressive aesthetic effects.

Every Awakened Legendary item all have separate visual effects when Resonated, such as glowing armor pieces and even cosmetic wings for your character.

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